Why AVM’s refurbished microwaves are a good deal.

by Administrator 5. November 2014 04:27

When most people hear the word refurbished, it’s usually followed more with questions or concern than it is with certainty. When deciding whether or not to purchase a refurbished appliance, it’s important to weigh the pro and cons of a “new” item versus a “refurbished” item for yourself and your business.

First of all refurbished products are not “new” but might even be “as good as new.” They have been sent back to the manufacturer for any number of reasons. Perhaps a part was broken on arrival. It may have become broken after some time or usage. Maybe the exterior of the product became damaged during shipping and consequently the customer sent it back to the manufacturer. The product may have been used as a demo or display item and may have minor dents or dings. A refurbished item should not be considered a brand new item because whatever defect caused the original customer to send it back was needed to be fixed. The manufacture then fixes the problem and sells it of as a refurbished product. The first thing you should compare is what you are actually getting with a “new” item versus a “refurbished” item.

First, you will probably notice the price. Compare it with a “new” products pricing to see how much of a discount has actually been placed into the refurbished price. Typically the item’s warranty will be less if it has been in use, so this should also be reflected into the “refurbished” price. As well as any other wear that has been accumulated.

Be sure to take a look at the warranty offered with the item. If the warranty is significantly lower than the original warranty it may not be a good deal. For instance if the item originally came with a 18-month warranty and is now a 12-month warranty, then the discount price should reflect it and if so, that may still be a good deal. If the item originally came with a 3 year-warranty but is now at a 90-day warranty it may not be such a good deal after all, unless the price has been greatly discounted. Another thing to take into account is how much more likely the product is to need warranty servicing. The more service the item may require the less likely a refurbished product is a good deal.  Ironically, these are the products most often offered as refurbished because there is a large supply of them from people sending them back in to the manufacturer for service.

Be sure to take into account these factors and all of the details that go along with the product, and you will find yourself the good deal that you’re looking for.

AVM’s refurbished microwaves come with a 1-year warranty, at a price of $39.95. The features and colors vary depending on our stock and we cannot guarantee the make or model of the microwaves.

If you are looking for a good solution at a good price, look no further than AVM. Certainly this will be a great deal for your business.

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