Bringing Power to the People, we have your Nightstand Recharge Program at AVM.

by Administrator 13. November 2014 03:34

Smartphones and mobile devices have become a huge part of our everyday lives. Whether your guests are on business trips, personal trips, or vacations with their family, they’re going to need access to their devices and more importantly they need a place to keep them charged up.

In the hospitality industry, guests are becoming more sophisticated about their technology. They aren’t just bringing along laptops with them anymore. Now they bring along Kindles, smartphones, tablets, handheld gaming, and other devises. Here at AVM we have many solutions to giving your guests the power and recharging ability that they are looking for from your properties right in your rooms.

The CubieMini is compact by design but big on power. Its sleek styling provides a perfect power and charging solution for the hotel desk or nightstand where space is limited. The CubieMini offers 2 power outlets, 2 USB charging ports and has the added convenience of a pass-through plug so you don’t have to give up an outlet to power the unit. Two decorative faceplates are included. Additional features include complete surge protection, adhesive mounting pad and security c-clamp (included). UL Approved and passed UL Spill Test.

The Power Pad II creates easy charging and power access for guests. Comparable to the Cubiemini but at a lower price, the Power Pad II has 2 power outlets and 2 USB ports.

The Cubie is designed to easily bring additional power to the hotel desktop or nightstand. This retro-fit option offers 3 Power Outlets / 2 USB Charging Ports as well as a pass-through plug. The Cubie provides complete surge and overcurrent protection and the versatile mounting bracket can be installed to a variety of desktops. Optional graphic faceplate and 10 ft Cat5e Ethernet cable with weight feature.  These items are ordered seperately.

The Cable Holder provides a unique and effective Internet cable management solution. The circular shape and the vivid color graphic (customizable) insert provide an eye-catching focal point on any desk. This simple device requires minimal set-up and works with any Ethernet port connection. The guest will no longer be required to crawl on the floor or “checkout” a cable, to access the Internet. The Cable Holder brings the connection up to the desk for convenient use.

The CubieTime Single Day Alarm Clock rethinks the Guest Room Alarm Clock. CubieTime combines a simple alarm clock with the convenience of charging at the nightstand. CubieTime is perfect for a hotel guestroom with its minimal footprint, easy to set alarm, display dimmer, and guest facing power and USB outlets. CubieTime also features a pass-through plug, surge protection, single day alarm, auto update for daylight saving time, security c-clamp and meets strict UL standards including a UL spill test.

Whether your guests need to check email, browse the web, read that e-book they’ve wanted to catch up on, conquer that boss battle they’ve reached, or anything that their device demands. With AVM you can give them the sources to keep their devices powered up.

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