Protect Your Guests and Yourself with Speyeguard®

by Administrator 19. April 2016 09:40

Last month the Erin Andrews case caused quite a stir with Hotels and Hoteliers. Andrews was awarded $55 million in her civil lawsuit over the secret recording and release of a video showing her naked during a hotel stay in Nashville, TN. The sportscaster’s original suit asked for $75 million from the owner and operator of the hotel where she was staying, and the stalker who tampered with her room’s peephole to record the video. The jury put the fault 51% on the stalker and 49% on the West End Hotel Partners, which owns and operates that Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University. The hotel group was asked to pay out more than $26 million. How can you protect your guests and yourself from situations like this?

The Speyeguard® stationary cover is the most advanced peephole security solution for the hospitality industry. The cover is ADA compliant, easy to operate, durable, customizable and also includes a warranty. The cover installs right on top of the existing peephole and safeguards against external spying and tampering. It operates with a slide mechanism. Guests simply slide the cover up, look through the viewer and release. The cover automatically slides back down into the closed position. To view the products at our website visit

There are currently products like reverse peephole viewers that exist and are easily obtainable by anyone. These viewers, when placed over the outward facing side of a peephole, allow the user to view what’s on the other side by realigning the otherwise unviewable lenses. With products like these readily available it’s best to ensure your guests privacy is well protected and preserved with the Speyeguard® covers. Privacy, sense of security, and peace of mind are invaluable for your guests. A guest that feels safe under your care means that they will be more likely to stay at your hotel more frequently. It’s up to you to provide a safe environment for the guest. Visit or call us at 1-800-218-3995 to speak to our knowledgeable staff about the peephole covers.

Introducing Beekman 1802

by Administrator 25. January 2016 02:31

One way to stand out from the crowd in the hospitality industry is to offer great guest amenities. Here at AVM we’re constantly on the lookout to improve the amenities we provide for you and your guests. We’ve recently brought in some new amenity lines such as Beekman 1802, Eco Fresh Naturals, & Serene Elements.  Let’s take a closer in depth look at the story behind Beekman 1802, and where it comes from.

Beekman 1802: for city people who dream of the country and for country people who dream of the city. Artisan goods that combine sophisticated city design with natural country goods. The “Fresh Air” collection will have your guests smelling like a bright spring morning in the country.  Features & benefits subtle fragrances & formulas gentle enough for everyday use and of course there are no nasty ingredients. No parabens, no petroleum, no mineral oil, no diethanolamine, no paraffin, no banned phthalates. (We don't even know what half those things are!) The collection is made with purified water, and is cruelty free, no animal testing. 

What makes the Beekman 1802 brand so intriguing? The story behind Brent & Josh’s farm is pretty extraordinary. They purchased the historic 60 acre Beekman 1802 Farm in 2007. Originally as just a weekend getaway from their hectic NYC lives, the farm became their lifeline after both men lost their jobs within one month of each other during the recession of 2008. Faced with possible foreclosure, the pair made a decision – if they were going to save their farm, they would have to make it profitable. After taking in a neighboring farmer and his herd of beloved dairy goats, they began producing soaps and cheese. As other neighbors taught them how to farm, they shared their city-honed skills – starting a website and Mercantile. Brand founders Brent and Josh were the winners of The Amazing Race for Season 21 in 2012. They have also been featured with their own television show called “The Fabulous Beekman Boys”.  The Beekman 1802 brand has grown to include a full line of soaps and skin care products, clothing, gardening items, home wares, and even The Beekman 1802 Heirloom cookbook. Beekman products have also recently been featured by Target stores.  The amenity line was originally introduced by the boutique-inspired hotels Andaz Wall Street and Andaz 5th Avenue in New York. The Beekman 1802 amenity line was designed as a modern, yet understated take on luxury. It includes four elegantly appointed bottles for the liquid products, as well as two goat milk bath bars dressed in a classic white wrapping. Product packaging is 100% recycled material. They’ve also got a pretty nifty little Live Goat Cam page on their website where you can watch the baby goats live on the farm.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your amenities or to purchase your brand standard amenities, we have several lines for you to view at As always our knowledgeable customer service representatives here at AVM are happy to help you with choosing the right options for you.

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