Extended Stay hotels place in the hospitality industry.

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Extended Stay are hotels designed especially for longer stays with studios and rooms that feature fully-equipped kitchens and plenty of work space and other amenities that you wouldn’t find in your typical hotel room. From on the premise coin-operated laundry facilities open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to rooms with refrigerator, stovetop, microwave, coffee maker, cooking utensils, dishes, and cutlery. The Extended Stay hotels are ready to cater to your needs for a longer period of time than a standard hotel.

Most people choose to stay in an Extended Stay hotel when they are traveling for work, for school, or need a temporary place to live while they are in between homes or apartments. There’s an 8+2+1 lodging rule that says 8 months or greater: apartment. 2 weeks to 8 months: Extended Stay hotel. Less than 1 week: full-service hotel.

Along with all of the amenities that hotels provide, here at AVM we carry the amenities that Extended Stay properties need to operate efficiently for the demand of their guests. For the kitchens, we carry both single pack dish detergents as well as multiuse detergents http://www.goavm.com/dishsoap-dishwasher-detergent-c-382.aspx. We have paper towels used to wipe down surfaces used by the guest. http://www.goavm.com/vista-household-kitchen-roll-towels-p-7531.aspx. For deeper cleaning we carry Bar Mop Towels http://www.goavm.com/16x19-ribbed-32-oz-gold-strip-bar-mop-towels-p-2589.aspx  to dry up spills. Small appliances, such as toasters http://www.goavm.com/toasters-c-404.aspx or can openers and blenders http://www.goavm.com/kitchen-items-c-497.aspx are also features of extended stays that we offer.

For coin-operated laundry rooms with vending machines we offer detergent pouches such as http://www.goavm.com/2-oz-gentle-clean-laundry-detergent-pouches-for-vending-machines-p-6864.aspx or http://www.goavm.com/ultra-surf-laundry-detergent-p-250.aspx. To keep clothes fresh and soft we’ve got Snuggle Fabric Sheets http://www.goavm.com/snuggle-fabric-dryer-sheets-p-234.aspx.

We’re prepared to supply you with everything that you need to keep your property running smoothly. Visit us at www.goavm.com to purchase your brand standards and to save thousands of dollars on our thousands of supplies.

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