The Hospitality Experience from a Guest’s Perspective.

by Administrator 5. August 2016 10:11

Last week my family and I spent two nights in two different hotel chains on a trip to visit family. Here are some of my thoughts that I had during my stay.

Having worked with these products I have become more familiar with the options and amenities that hotels provide for their guests. Overall I was very pleased with our experience.

The lobby areas and hallways were very clean and tidy in both hotels. They each shared welcoming guest reception counters each had very helpful and pleasant staff. The maid carts  were organized very well and most of the products on them looked new and fresh. Having seen some raggedy looking carts in the past at other hotels it’s very reassuring to a guest to see that the people cleaning your rooms have fresh products to do so. Perception really can make your experience.

One major difference in the two hotels that we stayed at was that one of them had a complimentary continental breakfast bar, while the other had a restaurant/bar inside of the hotel. I have to admit that personally I like the continental breakfast option because when you’re on the road, as we were, you wind up eating at a lot of restaurants/fast food throughout the trip. To be able to sit down and have your choice of breakfast included in the cost of your room is fantastic. On the flip side of that the food from the other hotel’s restaurant chef was stellar and provided an awesome experience.

The rooms were satisfactory in both hotels. The bedding & linens were clean and comfortable. In one of the hotel rooms I noticed that the facial tissue was not stocked although there was a slot for it built into the counter. The amenities  were clearly displayed and of good quality. The particular amenities that these hotels used were higher end and very nice to use.

Since one hotel offered breakfast, they did not have in-room coffee but instead offered it in the lobby. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that this particular hotel offered tea in their lobby as well. The other hotel offered in-room I cup coffee with condiment kits

In one of the rooms they had a cabinet  that the fridge sat in. Consequently my Dad had trouble locating the Fridge until I pointed it out to him. In the other room it was clearly visible.

The final thing that I noticed on our trip was that all of us had smartphones that needed to be charged each night. The first room had enough outlets for us to all charge our phones and laptop while we stayed. The second room did not have enough outlets for us all to charge at the same time without unplugging something from the room. The nightstand recharge program would be a very convenient solution.

We had a very satisfactory experience on our trip. I’d definitely stay in those hotels again. When I asked the front desk where they bought their supplies, they said from AVM.

Flooring your guests with our hospitality flooring options.

by Administrator 24. December 2015 01:37

First impressions go a long way with your guests. A great place to start a good first impression is with your floors. There are now many options to choose from when it comes to your flooring. Whether you’re looking for carpet, tiles, vinyl, or hardwood floors, AVM has you covered from the bottom up.

The flooring that you choose serves to create a mood for the guest. Checking into a hotel with a pleasing décor can create a sense of calm or excitement depending on what type of emotion you wish to convey with your lobby. Comfort is an important emotion because opinions are formed based on how a guest feels. Flooring provides you with an opportunity to enhance your overall image. The use of your space should be taken into account as some options are made to withstand heavy foot traffic, luggage carts, maid carts etc. Guests look for cleanliness in the hotels that they choose to frequent and choosing the right options will help to give the overall presentation that will stick with guests and keep them coming back to your hotel.

Carpet has been tried and true in the hospitality industry. We offer some beautiful designs that can really make your rooms and high traffic areas pop with color. There are now full pattern repeats for those who want a look of having artwork on the floor We also offer traditional solid color patterns and more. Some of the downsides to carpet are that it needs to be replaced more often and cleaning takes more time and care.
We also offer carpet tiles which are easy to install and to replace if part of your flooring becomes stained. Carpet tiles serve to be an efficient use of material. Because the units are smaller than in large rolls, there is a great reduction of waste during installation. Maintenance and replacement can be easily done by the hotel staff. The tiles also allow you to use different patterns to create an upscale design for the areas that you choose to install them.

One of the newest and most exciting options is vinyl planks We have many great colors and wood patterns to choose from and also offer different styles depending on the traffic that will be in the area. Some vinyl planks offer a wear layer that will withstand heavier traffic. Cleaning the vinyl planks is much faster and more efficient than having to vacuum or spot clean spills on carpets. Vinyl is also up to twice as durable which saves you money in the long run.

For the absolute in luxury we also offer Hardwood flooring for your public areas and guestrooms. Like the vinyl planks cleaning the hardwood is fast and efficient. Guests also perceive wood flooring and vinyl planks as cleaner.  There are fewer styles than with vinyl planks, but for an authentic luxury look and feel, hardwood is the way to go.

There are many factors that you should consider when choosing which type of flooring you’d like to have for your hotel. Humidity in warmer climates means that carpets can retain moisture. In cooler climates guests desire the warmer feel of carpets.  As always our knowledgeable customer service representatives here at AVM are happy to help you with choosing the right options for you.

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