The Hospitality Experience from a Guest’s Perspective.

by Administrator 5. August 2016 10:11

Last week my family and I spent two nights in two different hotel chains on a trip to visit family. Here are some of my thoughts that I had during my stay.

Having worked with these products I have become more familiar with the options and amenities that hotels provide for their guests. Overall I was very pleased with our experience.

The lobby areas and hallways were very clean and tidy in both hotels. They each shared welcoming guest reception counters each had very helpful and pleasant staff. The maid carts  were organized very well and most of the products on them looked new and fresh. Having seen some raggedy looking carts in the past at other hotels it’s very reassuring to a guest to see that the people cleaning your rooms have fresh products to do so. Perception really can make your experience.

One major difference in the two hotels that we stayed at was that one of them had a complimentary continental breakfast bar, while the other had a restaurant/bar inside of the hotel. I have to admit that personally I like the continental breakfast option because when you’re on the road, as we were, you wind up eating at a lot of restaurants/fast food throughout the trip. To be able to sit down and have your choice of breakfast included in the cost of your room is fantastic. On the flip side of that the food from the other hotel’s restaurant chef was stellar and provided an awesome experience.

The rooms were satisfactory in both hotels. The bedding & linens were clean and comfortable. In one of the hotel rooms I noticed that the facial tissue was not stocked although there was a slot for it built into the counter. The amenities  were clearly displayed and of good quality. The particular amenities that these hotels used were higher end and very nice to use.

Since one hotel offered breakfast, they did not have in-room coffee but instead offered it in the lobby. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that this particular hotel offered tea in their lobby as well. The other hotel offered in-room I cup coffee with condiment kits

In one of the rooms they had a cabinet  that the fridge sat in. Consequently my Dad had trouble locating the Fridge until I pointed it out to him. In the other room it was clearly visible.

The final thing that I noticed on our trip was that all of us had smartphones that needed to be charged each night. The first room had enough outlets for us to all charge our phones and laptop while we stayed. The second room did not have enough outlets for us all to charge at the same time without unplugging something from the room. The nightstand recharge program would be a very convenient solution.

We had a very satisfactory experience on our trip. I’d definitely stay in those hotels again. When I asked the front desk where they bought their supplies, they said from AVM.

Protect Your Guests and Yourself with Speyeguard®

by Administrator 19. April 2016 09:40

Last month the Erin Andrews case caused quite a stir with Hotels and Hoteliers. Andrews was awarded $55 million in her civil lawsuit over the secret recording and release of a video showing her naked during a hotel stay in Nashville, TN. The sportscaster’s original suit asked for $75 million from the owner and operator of the hotel where she was staying, and the stalker who tampered with her room’s peephole to record the video. The jury put the fault 51% on the stalker and 49% on the West End Hotel Partners, which owns and operates that Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University. The hotel group was asked to pay out more than $26 million. How can you protect your guests and yourself from situations like this?

The Speyeguard® stationary cover is the most advanced peephole security solution for the hospitality industry. The cover is ADA compliant, easy to operate, durable, customizable and also includes a warranty. The cover installs right on top of the existing peephole and safeguards against external spying and tampering. It operates with a slide mechanism. Guests simply slide the cover up, look through the viewer and release. The cover automatically slides back down into the closed position. To view the products at our website visit

There are currently products like reverse peephole viewers that exist and are easily obtainable by anyone. These viewers, when placed over the outward facing side of a peephole, allow the user to view what’s on the other side by realigning the otherwise unviewable lenses. With products like these readily available it’s best to ensure your guests privacy is well protected and preserved with the Speyeguard® covers. Privacy, sense of security, and peace of mind are invaluable for your guests. A guest that feels safe under your care means that they will be more likely to stay at your hotel more frequently. It’s up to you to provide a safe environment for the guest. Visit or call us at 1-800-218-3995 to speak to our knowledgeable staff about the peephole covers.

Spring Break is coming!

by Administrator 17. February 2016 03:54

Schools all over the country will be sending their college students off to spring break in just a matter of weeks. Thousands will flock to the beaches, different cities, travel destinations etc. while for hotel owners it means a great deal of preparation and hard work for the influx of guests. Whether you are a beach front hotel or a stop along the way, you’re going to need to be stocked up with supplies in order to fill your vacancies this spring and we can help to make sure that you are prepared for whatever comes your way.

Spring also means it’s time to deep clean your hotels to get ready for those spring break guests. Be sure to check your infrequently used equipment, turn or clean your drapes, and tend to all of the fixtures in your hotel.  Don’t skip the areas that are out of sight to the guests. There are no details too small. We have many solutions for your cleaning needs here

You are going to want to be sure to stock up on towels and sheets. Here at AVM we have many different collections whether you are looking for your brand standard, import, or domestic high quality towels and sheets. Browse our towels and sheets This is a great time of year to stock up on these items to carry you through until the fall season.

Having extra stock of your amenities will also be important during spring break. We’re excited that we’ve recently added the Beekman 1802 collection to our offered amenities. The backstory on this line is pretty amazing and you can check out our previous blog post for more information on this great collection and its story. We also carry your brand standards as well as some more great lines of amenities on our website

One area that hotels need to take special consideration in is in your bed bug and hotel pest control protocol. Because of the increase in travel, the likelihood of bed bug exposure also increases. If you do not already have a pest control service, this may be a great time to put one into place. We offer pest control solutions such as bed bug killing spray and mattress and box springs encasements

Be sure to check your stock on Luggage Carts, Laundry Carts, Cribs, Roll-a-way beds etc. These items may be ordered less frequently and you’ll want to make sure that you have enough for the influx of guests that you’ll have filling your rooms this spring break. Some other items that you’ll want to look at are deodorizers, and cups, plates, bowls, and cutlery for your breakfast area. Take a full inventory of what you’re going to need, then give us a call or visit us online to make sure that you are prepared this spring break.

Visit us at or call our knowledgeable customer service representatives and they will help you to get the right products you need at a great price.

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