Here’s your Hospitality Flu Season Survival Guide by AVM.

by Administrator 7. November 2014 06:13

The fact is, not everyone that will be walking through your doors will be vaccinated for the influenza virus. About 1 in 5 people will catch the Flu this year. The flu season starts in October and can last until May. The flu is harshest on senior citizens, young children, and individuals with health conditions, but nearly everyone is susceptible to contracting the flu. Here are a few tips to keep yourself and your employees safe and healthy during the winter.

Talk to your staff about flu vaccinations and hygienic habits that will help prevent the spread of flu, and remind them to stay at home if they exhibit symptoms that are flu-like and to limit contact with others.

Providing your staff with information on where to go to get their Flu vaccination is a good start. Studies have shown that flu shots may prevent 70-90% of healthy adults from getting the flu.

Stock up on soap and sanitizers. Hand washing and sanitizing often will help to protect you and your employees from germs left behind by your guests. Don’t let yourself run out of soaps and sanitizers during these winter months and keep sanitizers in high traffic areas such as your lobby and back of the house.

Cover your nose and mouth. This doesn’t just go for people with coughs and sneezes. While cleaning your rooms your employees should be wearing sanitary face masks and gloves to avoid germs. Here at AVM we have Medical Grade, light and comfortable masks with adaptable nose bars that keep away 95-99% of germs as well as many different sizes of gloves both latex and latex-free. 

Stock up on facial tissues and toilet papers. Some of your guests will get sick this winter. It’s important to be stocked up on all of the paper products they’ll need. 

Frequently clean commonly used surfaces such as door handles, counters and tabletops in the main lobby, and recreational areas. Consider sanitizing other high traffic areas as well such as vending and ice machines, fitness equipment, elevator buttons, restroom doors, stalls and light fixtures, furniture in the lobby and other common areas. 

We’ll get you through this flu season just follow the links to find all of these products and more at AVM.

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