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Last month the Erin Andrews case caused quite a stir with Hotels and Hoteliers. Andrews was awarded $55 million in her civil lawsuit over the secret recording and release of a video showing her naked during a hotel stay in Nashville, TN. The sportscaster’s original suit asked for $75 million from the owner and operator of the hotel where she was staying, and the stalker who tampered with her room’s peephole to record the video. The jury put the fault 51% on the stalker and 49% on the West End Hotel Partners, which owns and operates that Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University. The hotel group was asked to pay out more than $26 million. How can you protect your guests and yourself from situations like this?

The Speyeguard® stationary cover is the most advanced peephole security solution for the hospitality industry. The cover is ADA compliant, easy to operate, durable, customizable and also includes a warranty. The cover installs right on top of the existing peephole and safeguards against external spying and tampering. It operates with a slide mechanism. Guests simply slide the cover up, look through the viewer and release. The cover automatically slides back down into the closed position. To view the products at our website visit

There are currently products like reverse peephole viewers that exist and are easily obtainable by anyone. These viewers, when placed over the outward facing side of a peephole, allow the user to view what’s on the other side by realigning the otherwise unviewable lenses. With products like these readily available it’s best to ensure your guests privacy is well protected and preserved with the Speyeguard® covers. Privacy, sense of security, and peace of mind are invaluable for your guests. A guest that feels safe under your care means that they will be more likely to stay at your hotel more frequently. It’s up to you to provide a safe environment for the guest. Visit or call us at 1-800-218-3995 to speak to our knowledgeable staff about the peephole covers. goes mobile.

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We live in a mobile world. Nearly everything these days can be accessed directly from your mobile device. Everything from Bank Accounts to Parking Apps can be downloaded directly to your phone. Here at AVM we’ve been hard at work on our website developing a mobile friendly design so that you can order at any time from wherever you are. Whether you’re working from a tablet or mobile device our responsive site is easy to use. Like Bob Dylan said, “The times they are a-changin”, and it’s up to us to change with them.

At you’ll first notice the new clean design. All of your favorite features are still right at your fingertips making it easy for you to place your order online. Begin by logging in or if you happen to be a new customer, registering with our website. You’ll see the “Favorite list” tab that you can enter commonly ordered items into to save for making your future orders easier and efficient. You can still use the “wishlist” for items that you normally don’t have to order but know that you’ll need to soon while browsing our site. Let’s refresh how to optimally use these features.

The first of these options that we’d like to highlight is the “Add to Favorites” list. Any products that you frequently order should be added to this list so that the next time you need to order these products all you’ll have to do is select it from your favorites list in order to “Add to Cart”. These Items will remain in your “My Favorites List” until you remove them from the list and can be accessed anytime via the “My Favorite List” tab at the top the webpage.

There may be some products that you see as you are browsing that you might not need at the moment, but will soon. For these items, you should click “Add to Wish List.” When you are ready to purchase these products, they will be easy to find, and you can simply click “Add to Cart.” These items will then disappear from the “My Wish List”. Utilizing these two lists will save you your valuable time by speeding up your purchasing process.

You’ll also notice that the drop down menus open up into categories with images as well as dropdown lists. You can navigate through our website using either the image links or dropdown menu. If you’re working on mobile or tablet the dropdown menu will be the way to go. On mobile or tablet you’ll notice two drop down menus. One that lists our product categories and one that navigates to different functions of our site. The third item you’ll notice is your shopping cart. The search function is also available on mobile, tablet, & desktop versions. This is the place to insert any keyword searches or items. You’ll notice that when scrolling through items the images appear large on your screen and have three icons beneath each image. The first image is of a shopping cart, if you click on this image it will add this item into your shopping cart. The second image is of a gift or present, if you click on this image the item will be added to your wish list. The third image is of a heart and this will add the item into your favorites list.

We’re happy to have unveiled the mobile friendly version of our website, and as always our knowledgeable CSR’s are ready to help you with your ordering as well.

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